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As you are probably aware, you can set up your own affiliate links (or any links for that matter) to associate with each property. Every time you display an item it will add your link, assuming you haven't turned the option off.

affCAFF Affiliate Links

When you go to the Affiliate Links page in your affCAFF Manager, you will see a list of properties where live feeds exist. This list will expand automatically as properties are added to affCAFF and content providers add news, promotions and offers that you can display. To add your affiliate link, simply click the EDIT link alongside each property and enter your affiliate link in the field provided. Then save it and you're done. The list should refresh and show you your link alongside each property name. NB: the link may display truncated, purely to fit on the screen. This does not affect users clicking it - just mouseover or click it to see the full link.

This is a one time operation. Now, all items from that property that you choose to display on your site will use your link without you ever needing to edit anything. Of course, on the odd occasion, affiliate programs change the structure of their links. When this happens, you need not worry about updating all the affCAFF items shown on your site: all you have to do is update the link through this Affiliate Links page once, and all items, new and backdated, will pick up the new link immediately.

If you do not affiliate to certain properties shown in the affCAFF list, simply ignore them. The links are only relevant if you have chosen to display data streams from those providers.

You can "override" the default affiliate link in a given stream if you want to - maybe if you are using a specific campaign. More information here...»

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