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Changing & Activating Your Email Address
When you are logged on to affCAFF Manager, you have the option to change the email address and password you use. This effectively deletes the current one, logs you out, and gives you the registration form again. A new Activation Link is emailed to you if you decide to do this. The Activation Link ensures that updates to properties and options can be sent to your server when they become available, automatically whenever you log in.

Forgotten Passwords
The password you supply is encrypted and stored on your server. If you forget it, for security reasons, you have to delete the file "udata.php" from your affCAFF installation directory manually (typically via FTP). When you next visit the affCAFF Manager it will prompt you for a new password. Care: If you delete the "udata.php" file, go immediately to affCAFF Manager and set up your new details. Unlikely though this is, failure to do this could potentially mean someone else could in theory get there before you and set up their own details. Of course, by deleting the "udata.php" file again, you can prevent all third party access.

Extra Security Options
Changing Your Installation Directory Name
Directly following installation, but before you use the data streams on your site, you can change the name of the "affCAFF" installation directory to a name of your choosing. Remember to bookmark it for access to the affCAFF Manager!

Password Protection With .htaccess
Although the affCAFF installation contains no sensitive data, and is not linked from anywhere, you may like to add an extra level of security to your affCAFF installation directory. To do this, initiate ".htaccess" protection to protect the affCAFF directory via your control panel, or for those familiar with server administration, UNIX methods. For those unfamiliar with htaccess, there is a good detailed tutorial here.

Adding ".htaccess" protection will not affect the operation of affCAFF data streams, but will give you a second user/password combination for accessing the affCAFF Manager (and all other) scripts and files.

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