The affCAFF Manager Function

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The affCAFF Manager Function
The "affCaff Manager" is installed with affCAFF and makes setting up affiliate links, downloading new properties, and installing the affCAFF data streams very simple. You will find it at:

...where "" is your own website URL, and "affcaff-install-directory" is the directory into which you installed affCAFF.

affCAFF Manager Screenshot

You simply access the Manager by going to that address in your preferred Internet browser. You are required to register an email address and password to login. FYI, your email address is just used to send you an activation link, for security purposes and to notify you of affCAFF updates. It is not shared with third parties at all.

A Quick Overview
The first thing that affCAFF Manager does when you log in is to check for new properties from operators that are signed up to affCAFF. It downloads these properties and adds them to your setup so that you can select data streams for display and add your affiliate links. Once logged in to affCAFF Manager, you will have several options:
  • Set your affiliate links
  • Generate data streams for display on your website
  • Configure the way the data looks
  • Set some basic defaults/overrides
For information on setting up and changing users or passwords to affCAFF Manager, see the affCAFF Manager User Maintenance section.

How To Use It
When you first log in to affCAFF Manager, the first thing you will want to do is set up some affiliate links. Once you have done this, those properties you have linked will become available for you in the Data Generator, which is a very simple method of creating the code you need on your page.

Once those two items are done, you have your data streams running. You can, if you wish, alter some default settings to make life even easier, or configure the look and feel of your data.

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