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Re-Installing or Moving affCAFF
If you are moving your domain to a new server, or setting up a sub-domain that you wish to use affCAFF on, then you must re-install affCAFF by re-running the Installation script on the new domain or sub-domain. Your default installation will work on "www" and "non-www" versions of your website by default, but any further sub-domains (ie: will need to have a seperate installation of affCAFF.

If you are moving server, and you have a version of affCAFF that you already use, you must backup the files listed below and restore them in place of the re-installed files after you have re-run the installation script on the new server.

The reason you need to re-install is because simply copying over the affCAFF files from your existing affCAFF installation could result in problems, as the installation has to calculate how your server retrieves remote files, and store the successful method. Changing servers may mean the old method of retrieval no longer functions, and updates and data updates, along with data stream retrieval, may fail as a result.

Affiliate links that you have input into affCAFF manager are stored in the file "" and will need to be moved over (see backup file list below).

Here are the files to backup and move manually. Each of these is in your affCAFF installation directory (whatever you have named it as):
  • (Default settings)
  • (Your affiliate links)
  • any Template ".inc" files you have created in the "acTemplates/" directory
Data Stream Errors After Moving Server
Re-installing affCAFF will take care of most potential issues, probably all in fact, but there is one other potential issue that may occur if you have moved to a new server, or more likely, a new hosting provider. This relates to how that hosting provider has configured your server with regards to accessing local files. If the method has changed, you will see an error similar to this on pages that show affCAFF data streams:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: displayitems()

If this error occurs, it is either because you haven't copied over the file "acFunctions.php", or because your new server/hosting provider has configured the "DOCUMENT_ROOT" server variable differently to your last provider. It will usually be either "DOCUMENT_ROOT_REAL" or "DOCUMENT_ROOT".

Solution: First check that the file "acFunctions.php" is in your affCAFF installation directory on the server. If it is, then this isn't the problem. In your pages where you display data streams, you have a piece of code at the top of your page that looks similar to this:


If your current code shows "DOCUMENT_ROOT" in the line above, change it to "DOCUMENT_ROOT_REAL", or vice versa. Reload the page with the data stream on it and hopefully it will be sorted. If not, refer to the contact page for support information.

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