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A Quick Run-through Of How affCAFF Works
affCAFF installs (and maintains) code on your website that allows you to display the latest news and offers from a variety of online gambling content providers and use your own affiliate links for each item displayed. This page gives a quick run-through of how it achieves that.

Firstly, you download the installation script, upload it to your server and open it in a browser. This script is a single PHP file which firstly checks your server for compatibility (usually a formality), then retrieves the files you need from affCAFF in the most efficient manner it can find and installs them in a sub-directory called "affCAFF". Incidentally, there is also an uninstallation script available if you find affCAFF is not for you.

As part of the installation, it installs the affCAFF Manager which is a suite of PHP scripts and configuration files that you can use to set up the data from the content providers anywhere on your website. The installation takes up to 2 minutes and takes you straight to the affCAFF Manager once complete.

Once you have set up a secure login to your affCAFF Manager and logged in, you have access to a number of pages that you can go to in your browser. Each page performs a function that allows you to set up your affiliate links for each property in affCAFF, generate code snippets to include in your web pages and control various optional default settings. Additionally, there is a support section with a full online manual.

Every time you log into affCAFF Manager, the login script retrieves the latest properties added to affCAFF and checks if your data stream files need updating. If they do, it does! This means you always have the latest data. In fact, even if you don't log into affCAFF Manager on a regular basis, affCAFF is configured to ensure that at least once a day, the data streams on your site are updated with the latest news and offers.

There are a lot of properties to choose from in affCAFF, but the system will only download and refresh data from content providers who you are using (dictated by whether or not you have set up affiliate links). If you do find that there are properties you would like to represent, but they do not appear in affCAFF, simply contact support and we'll do our best to get them added. Better still, contact your affiliate manager at the property concerned and ask them to get in contact with us.

For the more technically oriented, affCAFF is a modular system that allows developers to create new PHP functions and utilities and tack them onto the system, or disseminate them as "optional extras". For more information on this, please go here.

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