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Advanced Stats Tracking
The "Advanced Stats Tracking" functionality is something a litle bit innovative that aims to benefit everyone using affCAFF - webmasters and Content Providers alike.

The principle is that of creating a "communal" statistics section, where users of affCAFF can get access to a wide variety of statistics relating to user activity, preferences and affCAFF data stream popularity. Any affiliate opting in will have access to the stats and by pooling these, they should not only grow quicker, but provide much more accurate, unbiased, information on user locations, browsers, clicks, data stream item popularity, which properties are performing best in which areas and, over time, a lot more.

It also has the added advantage that Content Providers can see which items perform best on which sites, and can tailor content suitable for your sites further down the road using the affCAFF "exclusive content" module (in build).

Opt-In Benefits
If you opt your site into the "Advanced Stats Tracking", you will not only get access to the stats but also be eligible for "exclusive items delivered within the feeds at each Content Provider's discretion.

To opt your site in to the Advanced Stats Tracking, simply set the default to "Y" on the Default Settings page in your affCAFF Manager.

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