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Using Your Own Item Links (Full Version)
Every item that you display is linked by the originating Content Provider to a "property". When you select data streams in the Data Generator, it is always by property. Consequently, you can set up your own affiliate links to automatically attach themselves to each item without the need for you to manually edit every one you display.

This is done via the "Set Affiliate Links" menu option in the affCAFF Manager, installed with affCAFF on your server. It is simply a question of going to that page and entering your affiliate link for each property that you intend to represent with affCAFF data streams. You can edit and maintain these as you wish and changes are effected immediately.

If there are properties in the list who you don't represent, simply ignore them, or go sign up and add them to your webpages. It's up to you.

Using Your Own Item Links (Lite Version)
If you are using affCAFF Lite ("Snippets"), simply wrap the Snippet code for each property you select in an <a href> tag like this:

<a href="htp://"><?php
@readfile("|bonus"); ?></a>

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