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What Is affCAFF?
affCAFF is an a easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain system allowing you to input all promotion, bonus, tournament and general news into a central database on a daily/ad hoc basis.

Whenever you have something to promote (casino, bingo, poker, sports etc) the system will create a set of configurable data streams that are automatically fed out through a network of portals to players and plugged directly into your affiliate's sites.

Every affiliate or prospective player can pick the type and source of the content they use. Affiliates will then be able to plug this content on their websites and from that point on, your new content is automatically fed to the sites in real-time.

Players can use the feeds through any one of the websites displaying the data or via any RSS newsreader. Additionally, they can choose to add the feeds to MyGoogle, MyYahoo and popular social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace etc.

Using affCAFF To Acquire Affiliates
You can also use affCAFF to set up items aimed at affiliates. Whether it be special promotions or general information on commissions and revenue plans. All affCAFF affiliates receive a weekly email containing affiliate program news, plus whenever they log in to their affCAFF Manager, they can see all of your properties and your latest affiliate news, even on those that they do not represent.

This makes affCAFF an ideal tool to show prospective affiliate customers just what you have to offer.
Simple to set up & maintain
Once subscribed to affCAFF, you'll find it incredibly easy to use. Creating and disseminating your latest promotions and news feeds could not be easier! If you or your properties already use RSS feeds, you can even have these imported automatically on a daily basis to save re-keying.

For a quick 1-2-3 bullet point list of how affCAFF works, click here.

Key Features
  1. Places your products in front of new affiliates
  2. Acquires new players both directly and via affiliates
  3. Sends out unlimited promos and news easily
  4. Select target user groups for every item
  5. Track sites & clicks by affiliate site or property
  6. Save time chasing affiliates by automatically integrating your latest data directly into their web sites
  7. Import existing RSS feeds for fast data entry
  8. Notify affiliates of new promotions
  9. Add your own link to each item
  10. Use the resulting RSS feeds on your own sites

To join affCAFF or to answer any questions you may have, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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