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Technical assistance for affiliates is available on the how to use affCAFF page. For other questions that aren't answered below, please drop us a line.

For Affiliates
» How much does it cost?
» How do I use it?
» Do I need to be a programmer?
» Which properties are available?
» Am I limited to one site?
» How often does data update?
» Where can I get technical help?

How much does it cost?
The affCAFF system is free to webmasters. You do not need to provide a link to affCAFF on your site (nor does affCAFF display one on your site when in use) however we'd always welcome one if you are feeling in a benevolent mood. Entirely up to you.

How do I use it?

The affCAFF system basically consists of some code you place on your server that retrieves and filters data as you see fit within any page on your site. It is fully configurable and allows your affiliate links to be associated with every item displayed. The installation of affCAFF is very easy - it's an automated procedure that is explained in more detail on the installation page and in even more detail in the online manual.

Do I Need To Be A Programmer?
Not at all. As long as you can edit an HTML file you should find affCAFF easy to use. It has been designed to work for basic level webmasters and provides you with everything you need in simple terms along with a full online manual to explain everything as you go along.

Which Properties Are Available?
We are adding new properties all the time to affCAFF and there are currently 350 online gaming properties in the system. For an up-to-date list, check out the content providers page.

Am I Limited To One Site?
No, although a seperate installation is required for each domain or sub-domain you use the data on. But that's easy - it's simply a case of uploading and running the single affCAFF installation script.

How Often Does Data Update?
The information is constantly updated and the data files that your site retrieves are updated every hour, however the retrieval from your site occurs on a daily basis to maximize performance.

Where Can I get Technical Help?
The online manual talks you through every aspect of the affCAFF system and answers any questions you might have on installation, configuring the data, changing the appearance and adding links. Additional technical detail on each element of the system is provided along with troubleshooting assistance should it be required.

For Affiliate Programs
» What is affCAFF?
» Who is it for?
» How does it work?
» Can I track stats?
» Can I use my existing RSS feeds?
» How much does it cost?
» How do I get set up?

What is affCAFF?
The affCAFF system is an easy-to-use conduit for affiliate programs to send news and promotions out to affiliates, webmasters and potential customers. Hence there are several major benefits inherent with the system. Primarily, affCAFF is an acquisition tool for recruiting players and affiliates; for webmasters, having a simple plug-in that automatically keeps their sites updated with your latest news and promotions removes a constant headache. On the flipside, the need for affiliate managers to keep chasing up their affiliates to ensure that they are up to date with the latest news and promotions goes away too!

Who is it for?
The affCAFF system currently acts as a conduit for the online gambling and skill gaming market. Any affiliate program or games operator can apply for an affCAFF account to publish content. See the Contact page for details. Webmasters will love it - all the information from multiple operators in one place, in one format, and integrated with their sites totally automatically on a daily basis.

How Does It Work?
Essentially, an affiliate program is given a login to the system where they can manage the input of news and promotions. Each item can be categorised, classified and associated with specific properties. Items can be kept in a draft state or released into the live output feeds at any time.

Can I Track Statistics?
Yes. You can view stats in a number of ways to get information about which sites are using your content and click throughs for each of your items. Additionally, some operators implement specific "affCAFF" tracking codes, similar in principle to banner codes, which allow the tracking of sign-ups from affCAFF-enabled affiliate sites.

Can I Use My Existing RSS Feeds?
Yes. affCAFF has an import facility to import your items from standard RSS feeds to save you the hassle of setting news and promotions all over again. These can be imported manually or set to be imported automatically every night.

How Much Does It Cost?

For affiliate programs, the charge depends on the number of properties represented through the affCAFF system. For GPWA and APCW sponsor programs use of the affCAFF system is provided as a free sponsor benefit. Please contact affCAFF for more information.

How Do I get Set Up?
Contact us!

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